Paying taxes with a credit surrender

For several years, with the current economic situation, more and more French taxpayers face difficulties in paying their taxes (income taxes, local taxes, property taxes …). Generally many of them wonder how they will be able to pay their various taxes.

To contract a new loan, this can be a solution. But with the rate cut, the credit consolidation seems to be more interesting. To pay its taxes, the credit consolidation solution is possible and even recommended. Indeed, it allows you to collect several loans to obtain a single monthly payment.

I simulate a credit redemption be remembered

The repurchase of credit is often used to finance a new project expected or unexpected. Indeed, it is possible to request additional cash to obtain a financial contribution that will be used to pay its taxes.


Why favor the purchase of credit to the bank loan?

bank loan

Why use a bank intermediary to apply for loan refinancing when it is natural and easier to apply for a conventional loan at your bank? This is interesting if you already have credits in progress and a new subscription could hurt your financial balance.

In addition, if you have late payments in your bills or the repayment of your loans, subscribe to a new loan in this situation could only aggravate your budget situation and bring down your debt ratio. The latter must not exceed 33% of your budget. Once this amount is exceeded, the possibilities of bank loans become almost nil.

The purchase of credit with cash allows you to clean up your accounts by reducing your debt ratio and simplifying the monitoring of your monthly payments. In addition, simulating your credit redemption is a completely free action and allows you to quickly project yourself.


Restructuring of credit for a tax delay

Restructuring of credit for a tax delay

You may need to resort to a credit restructuring. This comes when you are at least 2 years late in paying your taxes. This situation is often accompanied by tax debts. In order for this financial regularization to take place, it will probably be necessary to set up a salary transfer. It guarantees the financial institution that you will have the possibility to proceed to the payment of your future monthly payments. The restructuring of debts thus allows to increase its rest-to-live but also to reduce its debt ratio.


Payment period to pay taxes

Payment period to pay taxes

Pending the response by the financial institution, it is possible to request a payment deadline. This is accepted if your monthly income has decreased by 30% during the current year. However, the approach is possible if the decrease is lower. You will have to get closer to your public finance center.

To apply, you can simply complete the application form for the payment deadline available on the tax website.

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