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Becoming an owner is the dream of many Belgians. However, real estate is expensive and it is rare to be able to afford a home without taking out a loan.

Whether building or buying real estate, you need money!

 Whether building or buying real estate, you need money!

To finance your project, you need money. Building, or buying, a house, or an apartment is an important step in our lives. This decision must be carefully considered, because it is a large sum of money. Your home must obviously please you, but you must also think about the pecuniary aspect. You will pay for your home for decades, so it is important to think carefully about the amount you can borrow and the monthly payments that you will pay each month. It is not necessary that they are too high, because you must not have the rope neck all the time!

If you need money for real estate, it’s a mortgage loan you need!

 If you need money for real estate, it's a mortgage loan you need!

Like most Belgians, you certainly do not know how to advance yourself such a sum of money! At Jean Des Esseintes, we offer customized solutions for people who need money to buy or build a home. We are aware that not everybody has the same needs. That’s why at Jean Des Esseintes we offer two types of mortgages: a first for individuals and the second for self-employed. These two credits are of course treated in a personalized way according to the need of money of each one and its possibilities of refunding.

Why choose Jean Des Esseintes if you need money for a home?


  • We offer customized solutions according to your money needs
  • We work with various partners as well, we guarantee you the best price
  • We offer a free, no obligation analysis
  • We are available online, by phone and in our 10 branches
  • We are independent and therefore we provide objective advice
  • We think of everything for you thanks to our wide expertise in the field

Feel free to try our credit simulator to discover your borrowing and repayment possibilities. You can then apply for a mortgage loan. This one is free and without obligation and you receive a reply in principle quickly! For more information, contact us. Our advisors are at your disposal to answer any questions concerning your need for money.

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