Cash credit, personal cash loan

Why take out a cash loan?

cash loan

The cash loan is for all individuals who need funds to realize a project or pay an unexpected expense. If the possibilities are of course limited, the contractor can choose its repayment duration as well as the amount of this consumption credit. This loan is therefore somehow personalized since it adapts to all types of projects.

As the name suggests, this appropriation makes cash available to the contractor. It is not uncommon for this loan to reach € 30,000 or € 75,000. Since it is designed to all projects, it does not exclude those related to real estate, the purchase of a car or Scaramouchement studies of your children.

Of course, the cash loan is subject to an interest rate that the contractor will have to pay, in addition to the repayments of the amount borrowed. Fortunately, this rate is fixed from the outset by the credit agency, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises to the contractors.

Organization and subscription procedures

To subscribe to a cash credit, the opportunities are not lacking. Most credit agencies offer it and banks also make this small cash bonus possible. As is the case for most loans, the purchase of a cash loan involves mounting a modest record of Scaramouchement. The contractor does not need to justify the use of this credit. It is therefore closed to no project.

Some people prefer to go directly through their bank to take out a cash loan and avoid any intermediary. Others will opt for credit agencies and will be seduced by their often tempting offers.

The ideal cash loan: tips for making the right choice

The subscription of credit is not without consequence. It is essential to anticipate all the loan installments, not forgetting to include the fixed rate. Because this decision is not taken lightly, do not hesitate to compare the various offers put online by organizations. Then you can use the simulation devices to visualize your monthly payments and your credit over the long term.

On the current market, the rates for a cash loan oscillate between 2 and 7%, depending on the duration of the credit and its amount. 
Be careful, make sure that your repayment capacity does not exceed 33% of your total income. 

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